Ascended Medicine, Path to Prosperity

Attention Healer: Here’s how to shift or totally change your career, so you can receive more joy, money, and create more impact!

Dear Evolutionary Healer

From what I’ve seen, there are two kinds of healers…

Health Professional

You work as a conventional health professional and you’re craving more sovereignty. You’re ready to transition into coaching or the holistic healing arts so you can help more people, make more money and have more control of your time while living in alignment with your values.

Holistic and Integrative

You are a holistic and integrative healer ready to influence more humans and increase your impact and income, live your dream life and get paid what you’re worth by doing the work you were born to do.

Imagine what might be possible if you...

Were paid for your gifts without being tied to someone else's clock. Broke the golden handcuffs and stepped out of corporate chaos. Made an impact every day without sacrificing your joy. Had freedom to serve and time to play too.

If this was waiting for you, tell me this...

What if I told you
that NOW was your time to shine?

You’ve been hungry for change and for good reason.

You are here to create impact and transformation in the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls on the planet who need your medicine (not your prescription pad kind of meds!)

I know how confusing and lonely it can be when you’re searching for where you fit as a healthcare professional or healer in a world that’s just not designed for you.

Your desire to escape corporate and make more money or do something with your healing gifts is the next step in your evolution.

As someone who has turned a deep desire to serve humanity into a thriving business…

I’m here to guide you!

Hey there! I’m Miranda Bre, Psych RN, Somatic Healer & Intuitive Business Strategist

I’ve spent the past 20+ years as a healing professional and business owner. Familiar with the corporate world and nontraditional approaches to health and business.

In my work, I’ve seen hundreds of healers not charging their worth and just as many health professionals burnt out and resentful about working in an industry that doesn’t value their healing gifts.

My mission is to support health professionals, coaches & healers – like you, to serve and help others heal, while charging your worth and creating real impact on the planet.

It is possible to materialize your dreams & create higher healing for humanity through your business.

Are you hearing the call?

Because what the world needs right now is the medicine
that only you can deliver.

Let me say that again.
The world needs the medicine that only YOU can deliver.
Welcome to the Ascended Medicine Path
Whether you’re looking to create a brick and mortar business or an online coaching empire, your soul is calling you to a new paradigm and you need a guide who gets you.

What else is possible for you in the new paradigm?
Are you ready to...

You're here for a reason. On this page and on this planet. The desire to do something more with your healing gifts is your Soul Calling. It's not a coincidence you landed here right now. It's a cosmic invitation.
So what are you waiting for?

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Ascended Medicine, Path to Prosperity

Attention Healer: Here’s how to shift or totally change your career, so you can receive more joy, money, and create more impact!

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