Ascended Medicine Mentorship

Belong to a circle of Evolutionary Healers Here to do Big Things.

Ascended Medicine Mentorship

Belong to a circle of Evolutionary Healers Here to do Big Things.

I've been working with Miranda and Ascended Medicine for the past six months and I absolutely adore and appreciate working with Miranda.

Sophia Faria

Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach

A 12-Month Mentorship for Healers & Integrative Health Professionals seeking to embody their Leadership & Create Prosperity through their Purpose


Create Multiple Streams of Consistent Income


Step into your Embodied Leadership


Harness flow states in your life & business


Lead from your Wholeness


Connect to something greater than yourself

Your purpose and your essence is the medicine you are here to share with the world.

Don’t do it alone or stay stuck in overwhelm!

Ascended Medicine was intentionally designed for evolutionary healers across industries ready to have greater impact with their work and medicine.

You’re an Expert in Your Field – yet humble & authentic.

You may already have too many degrees & trainings
because you’re always hungry to grow

You might be at a crossroads or burnout unsure how to transition
or integrate your expertise into a soul-led business

You may be at the vision stage where you know there is something more to create

Or you might be deep in an entrepreneurial initiation realizing there has to be a better way to make this easier and more sustainable.

What if I told you it’s ok to take your time to transition and work while you grow or step into the unknown ready to jump into a whole new (ad)venture
You are here to create an impact and transform hearts, minds, bodies, and souls who need your medicine

You are here for the people and the impact with fellow professionals that will become your life long friends and collaborators, knowing that we are here to do this together

Miranda has been a coach of mine for about eight months. In that time, we built up a strong relationship. She was very thorough with helping me point out my and my assets and my achievements, and she would assist me in the things I struggled with.”

Kim Holmes

Yoga Therapist at Soul Led Centering

What You'll Get When You Join

Ascended Medicine Mentorship

Whether you want to build a brick-and-mortar business, an online empire, product line, or a side-hustle to your practice, you have options.

Everything you need from vision and purpose to monetization of your soul-led, healing business.

Conscious Business Mastery

Embodied Leadership

Neuroscience & Energetics

Integration & Wholeness

Miranda helped me get out of my own way where for decades, I have not been able to do successfully. She has this amazing ability to take all of this deep internal information and turn it into strategy. She did that for me, and it's been absolutely amazing where I am now.”

Susie Johansson

Educator and Consultant in the CBD Cannabis and Holistic Wellness Space

Become the leader & The Healer you know yourself to be!

Your Journey Awaits...

6 Things are Included…

Business Strategy Training - Value $10,000

3 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls Monthly - Value $15,000

3 Quarterly Online Business Deep Dive Retreats - Value $7500

2 30 minute private coaching calls with Miranda - Value $750

Office Hours - Value $5000


Plus 4 Bonuses!

Audience Accelerator- How to grow your audience and email list - Value $5,000

Join other successful healers who have skyrocketed their growth by expanding their audience and email list. Miranda’s proven strategies and tactics will help you reach more potential audiences, build relationships, and increase your email list in a fun and rewarding way that serves humanity. 

Flow Magician- Get Unstuck and Shift States Fast-Value $2500

Breakthrough resistance and overwhelm while transcending imposter syndrome.  Harness the power of neuroscience, energetics, integration and healing to reach states of flow in your life.  Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from reaching your full potential. You’re a powerful magician when you can shift states of consciousness faster!

Group Human Design & Gene Keys Readings - Value $2500

Human Design and Gene Keys are powerful tools in life and business.  Group reads are a fun and enlightening way to learn more about your unique energetics, more clearly see yourself and how others view you.  These technologies can inform your offer, your brand, your messaging and in choosing which business strategies are best for you!

Sacred Money Archetypes Online Retreat-Value $2,500

Transform your past money story and rewire your brain for financial success. Together, we will discover your money voice, clear your money clutter and shatter your glass money ceiling. You will embody your money new story somatically, right down to the cellular level, so you can feel your new truth living in your bones.

Also, an epic 4 day 3 night retreat in October 2023!
(Value $5000)


For a Grand Total Value of $55,750

Your Investment

Ascended Medicine Group Mentorship

A One-Time Payment of $55,750 $7500 Or Total 12 Payment of $697/mo

Ascended Medicine Mentorship Amplified

A One-Time Payment of $59,800 $15,000 Pay in full

seats are limited: Space is limited to 25 Group Seats and 10 exclusive Amplified Seats with a DFY Funnel, Lead Magnet, and Speaker One Sheet. Plus, 5 partial scholarship seats for BIPOC/LGBTQ/Disabled/Veteran with 30% discount. Hurry and secure your spot now!

I had the pleasure and honor of working with Miranda for three months at the beginning of 2021. She elevated my vision and fiercely supported me and with her help, I was able to raise over $10,000 and save 19 Mustangs from going to slaughter.”

Casey Miranda

Yoga and Intimacy Coach | advocate for wild horses

Apply For the 12-Month Ascended Medicine Mentorship Today.

We start on March 7th!

Ascended Medicine Group Mentorship

A One-Time Payment of $55,750 $7500 Or Total 12 Payment of $697/mo

Ascended Medicine Mentorship Amplified

A One-Time Payment of $59,800 $15,000 Pay in full

*Due to the front end deliverables, private time and outsourcing of my team, this package is Pay in Full only.

Don't miss out on the exclusive opportunity to secure your place in the Ascended Medicine Mentorship. Co-design your soul-led healing business along with Miranda and the divine, in 2023!

Special Offer: 5 BIPOC/LGTBQ/Disability/Veteran 30% Partial Scholarship Seats Available. Apply now to take advantage.

I'd like to share with you how much I love working with Miranda. When she's my coach, she holds the most exclusive space for me to bring forth my most natural, comfortable, authentic self.

Martha Langer

Attorney at Law, Vibrancy Coach at Embrace Your Vibrance

Miranda Bre, RN, Cosmic Medicine Mama